*The Town Square*

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*The Town Square*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:45 am

Mariana Fertelli, Queen of the Golden Lotus

Full Name: Mariana Fertelli
Nickname(s): Mari
Gender: Female
Age (Immortal and Human): She only goes by her Immortal Age, which is roughly a century old.

Other Form(s): She prefers not to show her true demon form ;3
Tattoo(s): She has lotus tattoos on her palms.
Hobbie(s): Teaching her girls new techniques, watching Darien scare people, and running her club.
Race: She's part Succubus, Part Undead Vampire, and part Psycho.
Strength(s): .... Look up one. You'll figure it out.
Weakness: People assume sunlight affects her, but it doesn't bother her in the least bit.
Allergie(s): Once again, People assume Sunlight is her weakness/allergy, but it doesn't do shit.
Hair Color: Black with a pale pink shadow box.
Eye Color: Neon Pink with red pupils.
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal to the HIGHEST degree.
Sibling(s): Their dead. *grins*.
Friend(s): She's friends with Abyss, the Mayor and the Ratollie Twins.
Parents: Once again, Dead. *grins*.
Likes: Dancing with her girls, watching Darien kill shit, drinking blood, making costumes,  and painting.
Dislikes: Idiots. 'Nuff Said.
Personality: Mari's a motherly type. She takes care of her girls, and the workers who protect them, and treats everyone who walks into her club like family. But abuse one of her girls or hurt one of her workers and you'll get Darien's Shot gun to the back of your skull, her pimp cane to your heart and tail to your throat, how does that sound?
History/Short Background: Mari's one of Darien's Lab Experiments, actually gone right. She made her a long time ago and stuck her in the borderlands. Mari made a living off being the Queen of the Golden Lotus, per-say.
Ability(s): Seduction, Turning Paintings to life, and Murder.
Weapon(s): She prefers to use her nails and her tail, when fighting is desperate. But usually she just has Darien do the murder.
Her 2006 Suzuki gsxR
Theme Song(s): Talk Dirty To Me - Jason Derulo
Favorite Color(s): Any shade of pink and Black.
Usual Style of Dress: I'm done putting words here.
Crush: None, yet.
Bf/Gf/Mate: None, yet.
Orientation: Pansexual
Pet(s): She doesn't consider her girls pets, but the rogue werewolves outside? Different story. ;3
Other: Naw.
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Re: *The Town Square*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:47 am

Roxxane 'Roxxy' Dean Malificent, Goddess of the Dance Floor

Full Name: Roxxane Dean Malificent
Nickname(s): Roxxy, Sugar, Boo, I could go on.
Gender: Female
Age (Immortal and Human): She's honestly only 500 years old, but for her kin, that's... Kind of middle aged? :3
Other Form(s): Heh, Heh.
Tattoo(s): She has two Dragons twisted together tattooed onto her back, one purple one back, along with the others on her skin in her picture.
Hobbie(s): Dancing, Teasing the guys, hanging with Mari, and Snow Boarding with the Mayor
Race: She's a Dragon Shape-Shifter
Strength(s): Uhhh... Giant dragon.... >.>
Weakness: Uhhh... I'm not sure a giant shape shifting dragon could have any?
Allergie(s):: Naw.
Hair Color: Black with indigo tints
Eye Color: Purple
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal
Sibling(s): Nope
Friend(s): Mostly everyone in town
Parents: >.> <.< Disowned.
Likes: She enjoys dancing, music, and flying.
Dislikes: People who try to harm her friends!
Personality: Roxxy's very flirtatious and spontaneous, she likes to take on new routines and do new things in her dances.
History/Short Background: She got disowned by her parents, works with Mari. Done? Done.
Ability(s): She shape shifts and she can bend fire.
Weapon(s): Teeth, Claws, Fists. Uhm, yeah.
Vehicle(s): She likes to walk around.
Theme Song(s): Woo Hoo - Kesha
Favorite Color(s): Any shade of purple, Silver, and Black.
Usual Style of Dress: her in town outfit, it changes when she's dancing.
Crush: N/A.
Bf/Gf/Mate: Naw.
Orientation: She's Bisexual
Pet(s): Naw.
Other: Nope. Nope. Nope.
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Re: *The Town Square*

Post by Alternate on Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:02 pm

Tetris O'Royal, Delivery boy and Servant for a 'Shady Business'

Full Name:  Tetris O’Royal

Nickname(s): Ris or Trish.

Gender: Male

Age (Immortal and Human): Unknown but looks roughly around his 20’s in the very least.


Ain’t he sexy? *Laughs*

Other Form(s): Just had to when I saw the picture, just imagine him bigger and stitches, his undead zombie form.

Tattoo(s): The 96 seen in his picture and

Hobbie(s): ‘Kidnapping’ people, delivering things, burning things, destroying things, protecting his sister from men, playing the bass guitar and sharp shooting for fun.

Race: Zombie and a Shapeshifter.

Strength(s): Tricking people, using drugs and poison, screwing with people’s minds, and ALREADY BEING FREAKIN DEAD.

Weakness: Being given something to burn, it just sets him off and he’s like a little kid.

Allergies: Oddly enough he’s allergic to dogs, he sneezes a lot around dogs which is why if you have a dog the package will be given to you through a rocket launcher.

Hair Color: Half white and half brown

Eye Color: Neon Green

Mortal or Immortal: Immortal

Sibling(s): Chandelier <3

Friend(s): He doesn't have any unless you count Chandelier.

Parents: Unknown

Likes: Burning things, being a pyro, being dead, candy, rocket launchers, bombs, listening to rock music and his guns.

Dislikes: Being told what to do and being late for a delivery.

- Tetris is kinda a odd one if you think about it I mean he delivers PEOPLE if you ask for him to do it, he would even try to get the most dangerous person in the world he has fucking balls or is stupid. He says he’s stupid and doesn't mind that people now think that’s he’s stupid but we guess he’s happy for that. He is actually sly and manipulative and is sometimes seen coming back home covered in blood after being out all night and the only thing he said was he was doing Chandler’s work for her. He is rather mischievous and a bit of a dork if you get to know him. People actually got a feeling that he is actually a bit ‘dark’ so avoid him.

History/Short Background: Eh…  rather not go into a lot of detail about his ‘past’ which is a bit gruesome. Really, nothing is actually known about these him and his sister except for the fact they came to town and lived here ever since and stick together not talking to anyone but between themselves.

Ability(s): Phasing through items, Stealing Souls, and Shadow Controlling.

Weapon(s): Unknown

Vehicle(s): So far he has this beauty, but is never seen actually riding it…

Theme Song(s): Sarcasm by Nightcore

Favorite Color(s): Red and Black

Usual Style of Dress: Ripped or/and stitched up clothing.

Crush: None

Bf/Gf/Mate: Um… Read above I suppose??

Orientation: Unknown

Pet(s): None

Other: No one knows what job he actually does for Chandler except for the female herself.

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Re: *The Town Square*

Post by Alternate on Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:17 pm

Jack Lightheart, The Ex-Mercenary Slave

Name: Jack Lightheart

Nicknames: ---------------

Gender: Male

Age (Immortal and Human): 23 years old physically but in immortal age he’s 782


Other Forms: -----------------------------

- Jack has tattoo’s on his body some from his mercenary days and some that was from his time as a slave, the one thing that everyone knows is that he doesn’t have just tattoo’s on his body… Jack has a tattoo of a pair of golden rimmed black wings on his back, they appear to be open and like the rest of his body the wings are bandaged up, beaten and broken looking.
- He also has some small tattoo’s, there is a slave tattoo on the back of his neck that is in the shape of a sun with a sundial in the middle of it, if you can see it for a good enough amount of time you can see two puncture holes on the back of his neck on each side of the sun. The other small tattoo’s is one of his family crest, a moon tattoo that is on the back of his left hand and a pentagram on the back of his right hand that looks exactly the same as the one on his necklace that he gave his sister for protection.

Hobbie(s): Hanging out with his little sister, going out to do some mercenary work when it is needed, helping some people that he knows, being spoiled (He deems it as a hobby because people like to spoil him a lot for some reason), listening to the creator’s chat among themselves, taking care of his sister and walking around the town as well as the forest.

Race: Half Angel and Half Elf with some elemental powers.

Strength(s): Using weapons, any type of fighting, and examining someone to see if their good or bad.

Weakness: Strange as it sounds he actually has a weakness to seeing someone’s undergarments male or female which is why he couldn’t buy Leila undergarments…

Allergies: ----------------------------------------

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: A dark gray

Mortal or Immortal: Immortal

Sibling(s): Leila Lightheart who he is very protective over.

Friend(s): Areli, Ammie, Leila, and both of the Creator’s.

Parents: He has parent’s but when he speaks about them he will speak fondly before speaking harshly about them so it is not known whether or not he loves them or not.

Likes: Listening to the sounds of nature, the sun, sleeping outside on the grass, cold mornings, winter time, seeing the leaves change color, weapons, his sister, hanging out with the creator’s (though he would never admit it), animals, certain type of sweets, seeing his sister happy and sleeping.

Dislikes: Chains, dark places, skin to skin with anyone but Leila, pain and being alone.

- Jack is the type of person who would seem to be a bit depressed and quiet not wanting to be bothered with anyone unless they seem to be nice to his sister. He seems to be really protective over those he is close to and would rather die than to let anything happen to them. Most people seem to think that he is possessive and over protective without reason but he has very good reasons, Jack also seems to have that broken forgotten toy feel about him. Jack rarely smiles but when he does it seems to be slightly gentle, despite this he seems to have low self esteem and seems to be cold to people around him. Jack is actually sweet and nice once you get to know him he just has a problem with trusting others and years of abuse to him. I mean would a cold and cruel person give a girl a rose clip despite just meeting her yesterday? Jack is also slightly awkward around the conversation around love and seems to be a polite person to everyone even those he seems to have zero respect for, but will have a dark aura about him to let you know he doesn’t like you. Jack is also a nice friend… He will give up everything for you just to make sure you are protected, he is also quite smart and quite honest.

History/Short Background:
- Jack…. Is an odd type of fellow as you read above and back when he was alive or back in his own time. You see Jack was a mercenary took any job he was offered no matter how bad it was, and he was also the heir of a tribe of elves though some of them were skeptical about letting him be the heir since he was indeed half angel. Back to the point, Jack one day came home and was embraced by his parent’s who loved him dearly and went to his sisters room who was not as lucky despite being a full blood elf she was treated coldly by her parent’s. Everything that Leila had was bought by him Jack was seventeen at the time when this happened when people stormed into the house at night and started taking his sister away. Seeing his parent’s not doing anything to stop their daughter from being taken away he attacked the slave drivers, it didn’t work out so well when he was pushed to the side in a last resort he held his fourteen year old sister and didn’t let her go when they tried to pull her away. In a last resort the slave driver hit him on the side of the head and knocking him out almost completely the last thing he remembered was the screams of his parent’s and the cries of his sister and his hand grabbing onto the slave drivers pant leg telling him he will become a slave with her and being dragged off.

When he came to he was chained to the wall with his sister, after comforting her a man came in and started her pulling her out the door, in a desperate attempt to save her he froze the chains and attacked the man before holding onto her yelling curses at everyone. Jack then yelled that if the man was gonna take his sister then he was gonna be sold with her, since the guards couldn’t pry his sister away since Jack was more prepared this time they accepted the deal. This was the start of them being called the ‘Crimson Angels’ slaves and was popular in the black market. Sadly, his sister who was never taught anything by their parent’s couldn’t do any of her chores when she came back to their slave room bloodied and bruised crying Jack then started doing her chores leaving his not being done and taking each and every punishment thrown at him. Everyone then deemed Jack as unable to do anything in the black market and that’s when they decided that they would sell him off not only to someone who needs a good helper but to use him for their own sexual needs. Yes, as cruel as it sounds he was used for perverts men and women alike and still managed to make sure his sisters chores were done even if he did want to off himself once and for all but didn’t because if he did then his sister would be alone.

It was several years when the fifth master they had, had a son who threatened to tell his father what Jack was doing if he didn’t do what he wanted. It was petty stuff that he thought would affect Jack, but it was a bad thing to use him when he overheard the son was gonna tell his father anyway he attacked and killed the son making it so as punishment he and his sister would be thrown in the dungeon together. Day’s and day’s Jack starved while giving his small amount of food he had to his sister, it wasn’t until the third month that they were thrown back in the black market. Jack then started following orders being emotionally, mentally, sexually and physically abused because all these years he protected his sister. Oh, you want to know what happened to Jack BEFORE he became a slave?

Jack before he became a slave was a quiet kid and was always seemingly amused but disgusted by the thought and mention of death but he grew up not being bothered by it by his parent’s who were heads of the clan. When he was little Jack was hunted and was about to be assassinated time and time again by other clan’s who wanted him out of the way so the heads would break and their whole clan would crumble. Jack then decided to learn how to fend for himself and killed the assassin’s before they could attack him, he also took other jobs for other clans making it so he slowly earned each one’s alliances. This is Jack, and this is the broken kid we have today….

Ability(s): Controlling several elements, can understand animals, controlling people by their spirit strings (was taught in his clan), and the ability to create magically runes.

Weapon(s): Any type of weapon since he had gotten a enchanted outfit from Darien it has been fairly easy.

Vehicles: ----------------------------------

Theme Song(s): Human by Krewella

Favorite Color(s): Green, Blue, Red, Indigo and Black.

Usual Style of Dress: Whatever he is given, he does however wear at least one piece of the enchanted clothing Darien has given him. She never said he had to wear the whole outfit for the ability to work hm~?

Crush: Unknown, does he have one? *Stares at Jack*

Bf/Gf/Mate: If he doesn’t have a crush what makes you think he has one of these?

Orientation: Bi-Sexual it seems but seems to lack the love or sexual desire for either party.

Pet(s): ---------------------------------

Other: Jack has a secret… In small periods of time when he was a slave he was a slave for a demon merchant and had stolen at precious item… Shh, I can’t tell you what it is besides the fact it’s fused inside him~

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Re: *The Town Square*

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