*The Mobster/Pirate Gang District*

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Re: *The Mobster/Pirate Gang District*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:54 am

Raika Nathair, The Malicious Nathair Sister

Full Name: Raika Nathair
Nickname(s): Rai-kun, Onii, Nii (Only allowed to be called these by Cheyenne), Ma'am, Wicked, Murderer.
Gender: Female, no matter how brutish she is.
Age (Immortal and Human): Let's not talk about that, she looks to be about 26 in human years, though~.
Other Form(s): Well, lovelies, we'll leave that up to you to find out, no? ;3
Tattoo(s): Well, may as well go off the list.
-Tally marks of all her kills on her left leg [Gets updated everytime she goes on a "job"]
-Wolf claws on her back
-Barbed wire around her hips, [Yes, ALL THE WAY AROUND].
-Snake wrapping up around each arm, from shoulder to hand.
-Pentagram on the back of her neck, usually covered up by her hair.
-Family name on the inside of her right arm.
-Skull on the left side of her neck
-Dead Tree on her right leg. [From tip of thigh to knee]
-skin torn off on both hands, revealing fire and bone.
Hobbie(s): Murder, torture, uhm.. did I say murder?
Race: Well, let's see. Part Hybrid [Vampire/Werewolf mix], Crimson, Fire Bender, OH! And she's a Corrupt~ [This one's a fuckin' secret].
Strength(s): Well, lets see. Her temper that she never bothers to control because she loves the thrill of murdering a fuck up, her weaponry, her skill in combat, and her super sonic speed/strength.
Weakness: She doesn't really have one..
Allergie(s): Naw.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Their naturally pitch black, her pupils are like a cats, red in color with swirls of electric blue, green, and orange.
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal
Sibling(s): Cheyenne.
Friend(s): If it wasn't that obvious, she doesn't make friends that easily.
Parents: Let's just say something happened to them.
Likes: Murder, Music, Torture, cleaning weapons, and lollipops.
Dislikes: Assholes.
Personality: If it wasn't already made clear, Raika's the murderer of the family. She doesn't hesitate to pump someone full of lead if they've pissed her off, or fucked with her line of work. She always is bored around the house, but when she finds out one of her family members has fucked up, her anger begins to flush and show. Or when she's in the fighting ring...
History/Short Background: Raika used to be a normal kid. She lived under a roof of a very rich family, with protective parents who sent her out with a body guard where ever she went. As she began to grow older, she learned of her "specialties" as a class A murderer, and in the process of learning to control her rage, burned down her parents home, with her parents inside. The butler of the household, at the time, Kiani, managed to save the children, Cheyenne and Raika from the flames. They moved to America, afraid of causing more of a scene in their home land than already made. And now, they work in their own Mafia, raised from the ground, under the name of their deceased parents.
Ability(s): Fire bending, Teleporting, Super Speed, Shape Shifting, Super Strength.
Weapon(s): She carries around a shot gun, two pistols, and a set of throwing knives where ever she goes. Along with two brass knuckles, layered in spikes.
Vehicle(s): She drives a Red Lamborghini, a black Chevvy pick up truck, and a silver motorcycle.
Theme Song(s): Alligator Blood - Bring Me the Horizon, Not the American Average - Asking Alexandria, Vengeance - Born of Osiris
Favorite Color(s): Black, red & Silver.
Usual Style of Dress: Left is her normal wear, right's battle gear.
Crush: Let's just not.
Bf/Gf/Mate: No.
Orientation: Pansexual.
Other:....FUCK-A YOU.
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Re: *The Mobster/Pirate Gang District*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:30 pm

Demetrius Hellsong, The Hybrid Protector of the Nathair Family.

Full Name: Demetrius Hellsong
Nickname(s): Deme & Metri
Gender: Male
Age (Immortal and Human): Everyone only considers his immortal age which is about a couple hundred thousand years old.
Other Form(s): You've Seen them, you know what it is. Gosh.
Tattoo(s): Well, here goes nothing.
-Full sleeves on both arms, (Runes, Fire-skulls, Kill-Marks, Snakes, and Lotus')
-A Reaper on his back, with chains that stretch out and wrap around his ribs.
-Barbed wire on his wrists
-Skin peeling away on the backs of his hands to reveal scales
-Eyes on the insides of his hands
-Pentagram on both shoulder blades above the reaper.
-The Nathair House Symbol (infinity snake) on the back of his neck.
Hobbie(s): Helping Raika tend to business, Helping Kiani clean things up when Darien makes a mess, Visiting the Lotus with Fugi, snowboarding with Zack, Meditating and playing Piano.
Race: Half Demon Half Lycan. (Scary, I know.)
Strength(s): Well, his brute strength, his weapon-handling abilities, his fangs, claws, and horns.
Weakness: One of the sisters getting hurt, they're like younger siblings to him.
Allergie(s): No one really knows if he's allergic to anything.
Hair Color: Black, but it looks kind of blue in the sunlight.
Eye Color: Black with a very dark grey snake-like pupil that's pretty much barely even noticable.
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal
Sibling(s): He considers Raika and Cheyenne his younger sisters because he's so over protective of them.
Friend(s): Asuka, Jedidiah, Ryuk, Gerard, the Creators, Julian & the Powers at Be.
Parents: His mother died giving birth to him, and he murdered his father at the age of 14.
Likes: Playing Piano, listening to Music, admiring the sunrise, sparring with Raika, helping Cheyenne 'Dispose of the rats', getting tattoos.
Dislikes: People trying to push his buttons, people attacking his friends and family.
Personality: Demetrius is on the fence between the personalities of the Nathair sisters, while he has Raikas fuming temper and blood lust, he also has Cheyennes sense of self control and calm. So, he's a little old fashioned with his ways, but at the same time he loves to get his hands dirty when the time is right.
History/Short Background: Demetrius grew up in a small town outside of Dublin called Blackrock, his mother had passed away when he was born and that basically led to the demise of his father at the age of 15. After a few years of hiding in their secluded mansion under his parents name, he moved away to America, taking his fathers yaht, two dufflebags full of guns, a backpack full of money, and his fathers family ring.
Demetrius stayed in seclusion for a while, living off of the land at a small farm he bought with the millions he gained after the death of his parents, keeping peace with him and his inner demons, until THEY attacked.
One day, while Demetrius was tending to his garden of crops, a blood red Lamborghini pulled up the dirt road which led to his cottage, followed by a heavy-set, most likely armored black truck. As soon as Demetrius sensed the trouble at hand, he grabbed hold of a near-by sledge hammer and slung it over his shoulder.
Now, mind you, kiddies, at the time, our knight in shining armor was at the age of 21, supposedly at the time, he had no wife, no kids, and no reason to live for other than his familys name. Our hero was about to go up against the strongest Mafia in the NorthWestern hemisphere. Yup, you guessed it, the Nathair Mob. As Demetrius made his way towards the Lamborghini, two women stepped out. One, as pale as the snow freshly fallen in the winter, with eyes onyx in color, and hair as dark as a starless night. The other, a shorter, more feminie version of the driver, with amber colored hair and eyes like emeralds. The taller, more rough-handled looking one narrowed her eyes and raised her lip into a snarl, pulling a shotgun from the holster attached to her left hip. She pointed the gun at him and pulled back the safety, warning him if he took any sort of step closer, she would shoot.
Now, at this very moment, our hero had a sudden ephipany. He realized that these women were like the younger siblings he never had, and he wanted to protect them. So, with out any hesitation whatsoever, he dropped the hammer and bowed his head in respect, telling them both that he only wished to aid them in their trade. The sisters took one glance at each other and nodded, trusting the farm man, and took him back to their mansion with them.
To this day, Demetrius Hellsong lives in the Nathair Mansion, protecting and serving as a man of brute strength and kindness to the the sisters Cheyenne and Raika.
Ability(s): Shape Shifting, Portal Opening, Fantastic Sense of Smell, Heat-Sensing, Planes Shifting & Weapon Crafting.
Weapon(s): Since he can craft weapons at his own will, he doesn't really need to worry about carrying them around, although in his human form he tends to carry around his Sniper Rifle the most. It has his Mothers Initials and her Death Date engraved onto the butt of his rifle.
Vehicle(s): He drives his Mate Black SUV with tinted windows, just because he likes to be fuckin' suspicious.
Theme Song(s): Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King
Favorite Color(s): Dark Blues and Greys
Usual Style of Dress: I'm done writing sentences for these things. Jesus Fuck.
Crush: None, at the moment, although people do want to hook him and the infamous Asuka up.
Bf/Gf/Mate: None.
Orientation: Supposedly straight.
Pet(s): Nope.
Other: Nothing to report, admiral.
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Re: *The Mobster/Pirate Gang District*

Post by Alternate on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:33 pm

Cheyenne Nathair, The Second Gangster Leader

Full Name: Cheyenne Nathair

Nicknames: Chey

Gender: Female

Age (Immortal and Mortal): 21 immortal age is unknown


Other Forms: N/A

- She has a lot of tattoo's surprisingly, that's hidden by her clothing a lot. - She has a tattoo of cherry blossoms on the back of her left shoulder with the roots wrapping around upper arm and shoulder.
- One serpent on each arm both of different colors one black and red the other white and blue.
- A tattoo of chains around her legs up to her knees, which are light gray and silver.
- There is a rose on the base of her neck a orange rose, as well as a music note on the back of her neck a treble clef.
- Phoenix wings on her back with the words 'Wicked Loveliness' under them.
-Last but not least of course she has her family symbol and family name on her left breast, oddly enough.

Hobbies: Sword Fighting with her mafia members, drinking tea and cooking, playing the piano, taking care of her sister, picking out traitors in her family, hanging with her siblings, and taking care of 'business' in a peaceful way.

Race: Unknown

Strength: Any close combat, hand to hand combat, her speed, being distracted and using words instead of violence.

Weakness: Using guns, staying focused on one thing at a time, and losing her temper.

Allergies: She LOVES peaches but is allergic to them so she is often seen being scolded by other gangster members.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Immortal or Mortal?: Immortal

Siblings: Raika Nathair and adoptive sibling Demetrius Hellsong

Friends: Not very many despite being friendly.

Likes: Listening to music, learning new things, drinking tea, the sunlight, flowers, animals and spacing off.

Dislikes: Her sister being angry, too much violence and being told she's weak (will piss her off greatly).

Parents: Unknown, not really known to people.

- She is the more feminine one of the sisters taking care of the gangster base and being the 'mom' of everyone in her family. She doesn't like violence and will try to stop it but will let her sister extract punishment as long as she doesn't see it. She is awfully kind but if you piss her off to a extent she will go after you like a greyhound after a rabbit. She speaks in a calm manner and rarely raises her voice, she also seems to have that sense of a 'lady like' approach due to her way of speaking.

History/Short Background:
- Cheyenne was a normal girl in a way like her sister, living under the roof of the rich family and didn't do much besides spend her time in the Library and read. Unlike her sister she never needed a bodyguard, since she never left the house in favor with some imagination. When the house was in the process of burning down Cheyenne, who spent all her time in the house managed to save some books in her bag and escape from the underground entrance, due to this it took Kiani a while to find her but when he did she was reading a magic book a small stuffed rabbit she had from her sister in her lap as she read aloud. Then they moved to America much to Chey’s sorrow but soon gotten better when they made their own mafia under their parent’s name.

Abilities: Flash stepping, picking lies from truth and wrapping her body in shadows.


Vehicles: She doesn’t get out of the house and much so she rides with her sister.

Theme Song: Bring me to Life by Evanescence

Favorite Colors: Blue and Yellow

Usual Style of Dress: Anything Victorian

Crush: Nope.

Bf/Gf/Mate?: None

Orientation: Pansexual

Pets: N/A

Other: She used to be a boxer back in her 'olden days' as she says.

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Re: *The Mobster/Pirate Gang District*

Post by Alternate on Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:38 pm

Damien and Alexander Labyrinth, The Opposite Mafia Brothers

Full Name: Alexander and Damien Labyrinth

Nickname(s): Alex or Ander -  Dame irony enough.

Gender: Male

Age (Immortal and Human): He is 23 in human years, so far he is the only ‘human human’ person here. - Damien is about 22 a year younger.

Looks: Alexander -> Right - Damien <- Left

Other Form(s): Alexander doesn’t have any like I said the more ‘Human’ out of everyone. - Damien on the other hand has a wolf form below.

- He has a tattoo of his family name on the back of his neck that he hides in his scarf, his family Labyrinth is the 5th most influential mafia in the world the Nathair one being the first.  Alexander also has tattoo’s of runes across his chest and wrists swirling that glow when he is pissed off, hey just because I said he was human doesn’t mean that he didn’t do something to himself.  He also has a tattoo of his family brother and sisters name on the palm of his hand.
- Damien on the other hand has the same  type of runes as Alexander, I asked him about it and apparently despite Alexander being human Damien had ‘soul connecting’ runes ebbed in both of them so that they shared the same lifespan as the one with the highest life span. Since Damien is immortal it makes Alexander a immortal as well so he has those. Damien has a tattoo of their family name on his left cheek and tattoo of an eye on the back of his left hand to resemble the fact that he ‘sees everything’ that happens within and outside the family.

Alexander - Running his mafia gang, killing people, hanging out and singing with Levi, taking on jobs that Mini gives him, playing his guitar, practicing his sharpshooting skills, and knife throwing.
Damien - Taking care of problems, hanging out with his mafia family, watching woman at Mari’s club, teasing people relentlessly, flirting with men and woman, and hanging with his brother.

Race: Human - Werewolf/Demon mix.

Strength(s): Hand to hand combat and long distance fighting. - Damien is good with all types of fighting.

Weakness: He can’t handle close up weapons very well. - Spaces off too much when he’s fighting.

Allergies: He is allergic to hay, which is ironic because he lived on a farm before. - Nothing

Hair Color: Blonde - Black

Eye Color: Red - Gold

Mortal or Immortal: Immortal… In a way - Immortal

Sibling(s): His brother who’s Damien and a sister who is working on the farm with her husband. - Alexander and his ‘poor of a excuse for a sister’.

Friend(s): The only people that are his friends are Garrett and Abyss, and Levi. - Damien doesn’t have any friends, he’s more of a floater going around and never actually ‘hanging’ with anyone, only having small chats.

Parents: Their in a retirement home, they kinda send money for them to stay there.

Likes: Shooting his guns, getting himself into fights, going to Mari’s club to watch the girls dance and listen to music, proving people that he is stronger than he looks, Traveling jobs, when people make trouble, dancing, hanging out with Levi, playing his instruments, believe it or not reading but he doesn’t have much time for it.  - Listening to his brothers music, playing soft ball, being out in the woods, exploring, making people blush, competitions, doing dangerous stuff and seeing how humans live.

Dislikes: When things don’t go his way, people disobeying orders, people taking cheap shots, cowards and reckless people. - Following detailed instructions, his bad memory and dogs.

- Despite seeing these things above and the fact that he dances and sings naughty songs with Levi he is actually a calm and reserved person always thinking ahead. He seems to be more of the ‘Plan maker’ of his family and doesn’t tolerate stupidity, seriously if you make one REALLY stupid mistake that he can not understand how you did it your gonna have a bullet go through your head. The rest of the day he would be in a pissy mood trying to fix your mistake that you made and if anyone goes in there to talk to him they would instantly go out running from his glare. He has a short temper with stupidity and when things don’t go his way but he is usually calm and a bit goofy when it comes to hanging out with people or his friends that is. He also seems to have a bit of a dark personality
- Damien is a type of person who will flirt with anything walking on two legs, but thats only because he likes to gain information from everyone if he doesn’t have one information it irks him to no end. He likes to get on people’s nerves mostly his brothers but like his brother he hates it when something doesn’t go right or when someone does something incredibly stupid. He doesn’t extract punishments but he does however, torture people for information. Unlike his brother he doesn’t have a temper but he is a bit of a ‘yandere’ hurting people whoever hurts people he cares about.

History/Short Background:
- Alexander was a normal child, which could be expected from someone who was human and worked on a farm. Of course that has it’s ups when it came to his stamina, strength and speed he could probably rival a damphire in a race but not higher than that. That was until Damien came into his life, Damien was supposedly an abandoned child by his parents who were human and were scared of Damien due to being nothing but human. When they met together Damien stuck to him like glue and even when his parent’s weren’t able to run the farm anymore Damien came and moved in with them and helped run the farm. When Damien went to live with them his older sister nearly freaked and tried to push him out much to Alexanders distaste. When their sister got married they went into the city and became friends with Garrett and Abyss who then later gave their mafia to them after their ‘incident’. Let’s just say Alexander and Damien got a lot of work done, and became the fifth strongest mafia with a blood trail behind them.

Ability(s): Alexander doesn’t have any besides his physical abilities surpassing a little bit of humans. - Damien has the same powers as those of a werewolf and demon kin, what else is there to say?

Weapon(s): Two twin pistols that he keeps inside of his suite. - No weapons, if he did have weapons then it would either be a gun or a knife.

Vehicle(s): BMW 5 Black

Theme Song(s): Sexin’ on the Dance Floor by Cash Cash

Favorite Color(s): Yellow, Green and Silver - Black, Red and white

Usual Style of Dress: Alexander 1, Damien 2

Crush: Taken~ Hah!

Bf/Gf/Mate: Mariana... Raika~

Orientation: Straight - Pansexual

Pet(s): Seen in the first picture.

Other: N/A

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Re: *The Mobster/Pirate Gang District*

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