*The Modern District*

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*The Modern District*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:48 am

Gerard 'Fugicake' Whitemane, Pimp of the Golden Lotus, Protector to Mariana

Full Name: Gerard 'Fugicake' Whitemane
Nickname(s): Fugi, Smart-ass, Stubborn.
Gender: Male, if that wasn't obvious?
Age (Immortal and Human): He looks about 18, maybe older.
Other Form(s): You don't see them often unless he's REALLY pissed.
Tattoo(s): He's got cyan runes tattooed into his back and chest.
Hobbie(s): He's a Bouncer and a Pimp with a bit of a Body Guard on the side.
Race: He's part Fallen, Vampire, Psycho, Basilisk, and Layis-Demoni. Oh, and part Death-Dealer.
Strength(s): Angel and Demon Abilities, Supherhuman Strength x4 and Speed x2, Soul Stealing, and Venomous Bites [Due to his Basilisk and Vampire attributes].
Weakness: His Little Sister.
Allergie(s): Uhh...
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green with specks of blue, gold, and brown.
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal, if that couldn't have been obvious?
Sibling(s): Molly Whitemane
Friend(s): Darien, Seniria, The other Mine-Craft Peoples.
Parents: Dead, Thankfully.
Likes: Hanging out at the bar with Samuel, Watching the girls with Mari, Wrestling with his Sister.
Dislikes: People attempting to fuck with his sister or his friends.
Personality: Fugi's got a really hard swing when it comes to emotional changes. If someone were to piss him off while he was in his human form, there'd be 6 different ways he could swing. And they'd ALL be full of Murderous Intentions and the right to kill on sight.
History/Short Background: Let's not. Okay? It's too long, and Fugi would probably end everyone's state of existence if they knew his life story.
Ability(s): Look up.
Weapon(s): He prefers to use his fists, but he'll carry around his buzz-axe betty when he's on duty for the Golden Lotus.
Vehicle(s): He tends to run due to his Superhuman Speed.
Theme Song(s): Cryin' Like a Bitch - Godsmack
Favorite Color(s): Greens, Blues, Golds and Silvers.
Usual Style of Dress: Yep.
Crush: I think he's too straight faced for that kind of thing. But people assume he likes Seniria.
Bf/Gf/Mate: Naw.
Orientation: Straight.
Pet(s): Nope.
Other: Nope.
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Re: *The Modern District*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:50 am

Kiani McKinelly, The Flirtatious Butler

Full Name: Kiani McKinelly
Nickname(s): Flirty Mc. Flirty Butt.
Gender: Male, I'd hope.. >.>'
Age (Immortal and Human): Roughly 2,000 years old, I think. :3
Looks: <- Butler Uniform.
Other Form(s): He has many different forms, since he's a shape shifter. Very Happy
Tattoo(s): I could go down the list, but I see no reason. Just get him shirtless. *nudge nudge, wink wink*.
Hobbie(s): "Cleaning" for Darien, and or Ryuk.
Race: Shape shifter / Shadow-Kin.
Strength(s): .... Never mind.
Weakness: Angel Dust. [Not Cocaine. Idiots.]
Allergie(s): ^^^^
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: His left eye's Amber, Right Eye's Silver.
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal
Sibling(s): Na.
Friend(s): He considers everyone his friend.
Parents: Dead. Darien Murglered them.
Likes: Blood, guts, Cigarettes, Guns... Guns... Chains... Whips.. ;3
Dislikes: Bodies not agreeing with him...
Personality: Flirty. Nuff Said.
History/Short Background: Naw. Naw.
Ability(s): Shape Shifting, Shadow Bending, Teleporting.
Weapon(s): His gun. Knives.. Chains..
Vehicle(s): He just drives Dariens Truck when she doesnt use it.
Theme Song(s): Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch.
Favorite Color(s): Red and Cyan.
Usual Style of Dress: Left is Butler, Right is Street.
Crush: Nope
Bf/Gf/Mate: Nope.
Orientation: He's Pansexual. Very Happy
Pet(s): Naw.
Other: Nope.
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Re: *The Modern District*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:50 am

Amarok St. Evans, The Unholy Offspring of Fire and Death.

Full Name: Amarok St. Evans
Nickname(s): Rockie
Gender: Male
Age (Immortal and Human): The fact that Amarok doesn't even know how old he is in Immortal Years should count for something people. XD
Other Form(s): Nope. ;3 You'll have to see them for yourself.
Tattoo(s): Well, lets see here. He's got a pair of demon wings tattooed into his back, chains tattooed up his left arm, an upside down cross on the inside of his right wrist and a satanic pentagram on the palm of both hands, he has some sort of ancient wording tattooed onto the left side of his rib cage and a skeleton holding a rose on the right side. He's also got runes burned into both arms that are invisible under his other tattooes that are on his arms.
Hobbie(s): Amarok prefers to get into as much trouble as possible, he likes to cook and scare humans, oh, and he likes to kill people for sport.. Heh.
Race: He's a Corrupt. And yes, that is still a secret.
Strength(s): Well, lets see, he has brute strength, super-sonic speed, mind control, fire control, three different forms to fight in & his own special artillery of weapons.
Weakness: "Demon-Trapping Symbols", even though he just burns through them. :3
Allergie(s): He's not really allergic to anything.
Hair Color: It's a silvery kind of color, sometimes it looks platinum blonde in the sunlight.
Eye Color: His eyes are fucked up. Basically they look like white marbles due to the fact that he's a Corrupt. Some people think he's blind but occasionally those marble eyes change from white to black with red pupils and maroon swirls.
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal.
Sibling(s): He never had any.
Friend(s): I guess it depends on if anyone actually wants to befriend a murderous being like himself? (:
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. St Evans are human, and they stay out of it cause they adopted little Amarok Very Happy
Likes: Lets see, Murder, blood shed, fooling people into believing he's an ordianry demon, cooking, coffee, music, scaring the bejeezus out of people, and a bit of other things.
Dislikes: People trying to mess with his parents.
Personality: Amarok's very over protective over his adoptive parents, they knew what he was even before he did and did what they could to keep his temper under control. If someone were to even think of raising a finger towards them, let's just say their head would end up being a very nice addition to the row of piked skulls in the front lawn.
Other than that, Amarok's a bit of a cold hearted kind of guy. He's psychopathic and loves to murder anyone who tries to test his patience or his temper. He's very dark and devious, and doesn't try very hard to hide that.
History/Short Background: I'll get back to this later. Promise.
Ability(s): He has three differing forms to shift into, all with their own special abilites, to start off at the top of the list:
His Lycan-Hybrid Form: This form is basically meant for brute strength and speed. It has the speed of a vampire but the strength of a god. It doesn't care what gets in it's way, it will rip the head off of anything that makes it mad, and that's pretty much everything. This form won't be seen much due to the strong box it's locked in inside of Amarok's head.
His Dragon-Hybrid Form: This form is the source of his fire-control. It can burn through brick walls and destroy human flesh at the flick of a claw, it likes to pick and choose it's victims, and save their crispy corpses for snacks, irony enough the temper of the wolf gets too out of hand, which then leads to not very many snacks for the dragon to eat.
The Beast: This form... This form is unexplainable. It's a blend of all things unholy, as if it were the offspring of fire and death itself. (Yes, movie line inserted very sneakily.) It loves to taunt it's victims and drag out the pain and suffering of each and every waking moment the victims spend waiting for their demise. This form takes to a very presice way of murder, and doesn't care what being, god or otherwise stands in its way. It's blood runs cold with hate and a determination to end all things that try and stop it from it's... source of amusement.
Weapon(s): Amarok has an arsenal at his feet, I don't want to go and list all of the weapons he has in his possession, but I don't mind naming off the ones he happens to carry around with him the most.
The three main weapons Amarok carrys around with him at all times are:
The dagger he stole from a warrior of the angel council; this weapon is laced with holy energy, and is soaked in the blood of the angels Amarok has slain.
His personalized  fighting staff: This hefty mother fucker weighs about a half a ton, and is pretty hard for any other being to lift up, yes, even Lord Darien can't pick up this monster. It's etched with similar runes to the ones burned into Amarok's flesh, that aid in controlling his movements when he's enraged. He also tends to use it as a Whackin' stick when someone's done something stupid.
And, Last but not least, his broad sword: Now this beast, this thing weighs more than the fighting staff does, and has a bit of a fuckin' punch packed into it. It's been enchanted by witch and siren from the coast of Ireland to High Hell and back, It can crush a human skull with ease and split a body in half with out so much as a flick of the wrist. Yes, it's that intimidating.
Vehicle(s): Amarok likes to drive around in his Dodge Challenger, but occasionally he'll just run everywhere he needs to go, or teleport. It all depends on his mood, I suppose.
Theme Song(s): Our Last Night - Dark Storms
Favorite Color(s): White, black, Grey & Red.
Usual Style of Dress: I suppose it depends which of his two forms that wear clothing he's in.
In his human form he's usually wearing a baggy long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a pair of black jeans and some converse, with his long silver hair pinned up in a light pony-tail. (Yes, laugh it up.)
In the form of the Beast he usually wears a navy blue pinstripe suit with black dress shoes and a white button up shirt with a black tie.
Crush: Naw, that shouldn't be happenin' right now.
Bf/Gf/Mate: ... NU!
Orientation: Straight as a straw.
Pet(s): Nope.
Other: Nothin that I'm aware of.
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Re: *The Modern District*

Post by Alternate on Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:40 pm

Asuka Rorona, The Otherworldly Servant

Full Name: Asuka Ronora

Nickname(s): Suka, Asu and Devil's Child

Gender: Male

Age (Immortal and Human): Unknown, though he did say he was fifteen when Jack the Ripper was around.


Other Form(s):
- Asuka has two forms, one that is a spirit form and the other that is his demon and angel bred type. Ahem, starting with his spirit form I will say that he seems completely different no color is anywhere on him and oddly enough his spirit form also has a certain type of clothes that it always wears. Asuka's hair and eyes turn white and his teeth seem's duller to put it simply he looks more human in this form. His skin though is a light shade of grey and you can tell he is around you by the cold air around him.
- His demon/angel form mix is different, he has the same appearance but his teeth are sharper his eyes turn one red and the other blue and he seems to have a bit more of a temper. He also has grey wings I suppose it's because of his fusion and the runes kinda go and go around his arms and torso spreads a little.

- Asuka has pentagrams on the back of each of his hands, and a cross in the middle of his back with seemingly ancient language forming a small circle around it. The cross has satanic and holy symbols at each end of it, his cheeks also both have upside down crosses, possibly to balance out the one on his back. Oddly enough, he has runes wrapped around his neck.

Hobbie(s): Killing people for fun, doing his errands, drawing diagrams of people and things, studying about anything, making sea charts and maps, listening to music, training, observing people, experimenting on people, 'sleeping' and starting trouble.

Race: Human, in a way more like a human fused with a demon and angel to be a vessel?

Strength(s): There's a lot that I can't really name honestly.

Weakness: When his soul is out of his body or when he's astro projecting, but this is only a weakness when his soul isn't around him.

Allergies: None

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Emerald, but sometimes you can see his eyes turn to red or blue slits.

Mortal or Immortal: Immortal

Sibling(s): He has a older sister who is married and two younger siblings. Everyone is dead though since they were all human, he keeps tabs of his family tree though.

Friend(s): Marionette, Julian and Amarok is a possibility along with Jed (Asuka is currently weighing the pro's and cons).

Parents: Mr. And Ms. Seran, don't worry it's not just Asuka who had the last name than them when he was human, all his siblings had different last names than each other, till this day Asu still doesn't know why.

Likes: Rain, scarves, cloaks, gambling, neck accessories, types of juice, sweets (He is obsessed with them I am not joking), strange things, exploring paranormal places, designing mansions, hot chocolate, calming scents, and candles.

Dislikes: The heat, everything being too normal, people, pregnant women, women who are angry, and spicy food.

Personality: Asuka is the type of person who would just stare at you blankly and not even give a shit what you do as long as it doesn't involve him. He secretly cares about his friends which is a very slim number of them considering he is a psycho murder, I mean really psycho because he also has a twisted sense of humor. Seriously, one time someone insulted him so he killed them and made them into 'art' in their own parents house and laughed about it. Asuka is also kinda cool and calm and doesn't get bothered much when something dangerous or bad happens he just shrugs and goes on his way. Asuka also seems to hate being in-debt to someone so he tends to do things himself and never asks things from people unless he has to. While he is on his pills however he is silent and truthful with a bit of sweetness in him. He doesn't do much anyway when he is on his pills mostly it consists of staring at the wall or listening to people speak. He is however mute when he is on his pills because the pills seem to take away his body functions oddly enough. No matter what he is on, he seems to worry over his health so if you say he is heavy he will freak out a bit, and stare at himself in the mirror for a few hours unless he's satisfied he is fine.

History/Short Background: This is gonna be long but bear with me.
- Asuka wasn't really born with normal means of being born, in fact some believe that he wasn't even a normal human child and was instead summoned by his parent's since no one knows where he came from. In fact no one, not even Asuka knows if he is actually his parent's birth child himself or maybe something else. I'll let you in on some of the things that Asuka doesn't know, Asuka's parents made the pact with a demon for their oldest daughter to be alive, who was in the middle of dying. Since demons are back stabbing assholes and can somewhat see the fate of others the demon decided to take their next newborn child and make him the weapon of war which is the one we know, Asuka. Unlike other people who are traded to demons, Asuka was actually a complete human much to races of demons and angels surprise.

Anyway, Asuka was a normal kid through his years learning things from private tutors but the only thing that was different with him is his personality. He always seemed bored during classes and skipped them, every time he did he would come in with scrapes and bruises on him. He wouldn't talk much and didn't seem to like anything but drawing his diagrams and maps. When he turned fourteen however he disappeared for a few months, his family looked for him but when he came back he was different, with a cloak and hands covered in blood. After talking with his family, he told them he could never come back again and had to be a pawn for the demons.

I suppose after a couple of years he had been captured by the angel council and was then told to do their bidding, if he did then he was allowed to do what he wanted with the demons as well as not having his life taken. After that he agreed, sadly like what the demons did to him they fused in angel blood within him, couldn't have a angel pawn with a demon inside could they? The difference with the demons is that the demons put the blood inside of him to just make him one of them, the angels wanted to erase his human and demon existence. That failed and that is how Asuka killed twenty three angels out of pain, after the rage he had to redeem himself to the angels despite it being his fault.The rest of what happened is a bit of ancient history including him going insane by the blood inside of him and made him a little bit crazy.

I guess he'll talk about his friend, his friend was actually a partner of his who was in the same situation as he was, with the blood fusion. They were partner's together but one time when they were assassinating a demon lord, as requested by their client his friend ended up dying and since then he has been obsessed with the color red and killed humans for sport. I guess it couldn't be helped when the only friend you had died, hm? A couple of hundred years later though he found Marionette, and claimed her as his little sister when he killed her master and been together ever since really. Later he burned a village for doubting his abilities with his 20 million bounty on his head, oh I forgot about the asylum. The first time Asuka was in a asylum the humans didn't listen to him when he said to do more than put him in a straight jacket, afterwards he started a riot and killed everyone but the patients in the building, then in 1999 he was thrown in a asylum and drugged for 15 years until now.

Abilities: Astral Projecting, separating his soul from his body (It's like 'dying' but still alive the only way a insomniac like him can relax his body and mind), he has inhuman speed, has regeneration, can turn his spirit into slightly solid form, and can slow down the flow of time.

- Two twin swords that are always on his back seemingly stuck to little straps that is on his cloak keeping the sheaths of the sword in place. The first sword who was given to him by a demon lord as payment, has a deep black blade that is actually a basilisk fang and a white handle. On the handle is two twin black dragons with ruby eyes that move whenever he grabs it to wrap around his wrist so his grip won't loosen or slip. The second blade is a white one which he stole from the angel council as revenge for trying to make him into a complete angel. It's the opposite of his other blade having the blade being white, and a black handle. Like his other sword there is something to keep his hand on the blade but it is pure white solidified vines and a blue crystal wrapped at the end of his handle.
- The next weapons he has is two 12 Ounce Mustang XSP guns that he keeps on his hips but is careful to put a handmade lock on it before he puts them in the holster (they don't have safety). He also has bullet's for each one on his belt in a small bag that is easily concealed and easy to grab bullet's out of.
- Last but not least is a bo'staff that is separated in three parts for easy hiding in his holster on his left leg, another thing is he has two small knives in his boots and sewing needles connected to his sleeves hidden away. No one said he didn't have a lot of weapons on him for a lot of getaways.

Vehicles: None, he either runs off somewhere or floats. Sometimes you'll see him walking on roofs and jumping from roof to roof.

Theme Songs: I'll sleep when I am dead by Set it Off

Fave Colors: He likes the color red, since he saw a friend of his die as seen above he's been obsessed with it.

Usual Style of Dress: Whatever Darien and Ambrosia throw at him, also of course his cloak. Asuka always carries around a beat up bag with some patches on it seemingly sewn onto it from some rips that happens over the years.

Crush: Hahahaha... No.

Bf/Gf/Mate: No crush, no BF- I mean Gf! *Snickers*

Orientation: He doesn't know since he never kissed anyone.

Pets: A three eyed cat that sometimes comes around.

Others: Asu always and I mean always brings a small case of sewing needles and thread in case he gets hurt or a piece of his clothing gets torn.

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Re: *The Modern District*

Post by Alternate on Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:22 pm

Lavi Raven, The Kindhearted Saint

Full Name: Lavi ‘Nightcore’ Raven

Nickname(s): Lav or Twitches (Bully’s nickname for him)

Gender: Male

Age (Immortal and Human): He seems about nineteen years old, but he never actually told us.


Other Form(s): Naw, no other forms here.

- Lavi has a tattoo surprisingly thats on his upper left shoulder that seems to look like a realistic looking bullet hole though for some odd reason whenever you touch it he would flinch. It is assumed that he did not get that tattoo from normal means of getting them. Lavi also has multiple sars going across his back and one directly across his torso, you will see why in a moment though I am the only one who has seen them.

Hobbie(s): Listening to music, singing, hanging out with Kiani, dancing, acting a little bit perverted for the creators entertainment, doing his chores, making tea, cooking, taking care of the Nathair family, delivering items, playing video games, so just anything that involves working is his hobby.

Race: Saint

Strength(s): Taking care of wounds, protection, and keeping people calm.

Weakness: Any type of fighting since he has never fought before.

Allergies: None.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: A beautiful (in my opinion) sea green.

Mortal or Immortal: Immortal

Sibling(s): He has a little sister and a little brother.

Friend(s): Kiani, Lilly and the Creators.

Parents: He rather not talk about them and neither do I, they were abusive.

Likes: Music, dirty dance songs, helping people out with work, watching movies, snuggling in a blanket, cooking, spicy food, working (go figure), teatime, cosplay, Alice in Wonderland, telling the truth, and dancing.

Dislikes: People telling him to have hope or faith, closed spaces, coldness, the dark, people with unrealistic beliefs, and sugar.

- Lavi is a pessimist and the only thing I can ask is ‘can you really blame him?’ He seems to see the bad side of things when it comes to someone like him but he tells other people to don’t worry or everything will be fine even if it is not true. Lavi really reminds me of a abused child’s toy that was left to die on the side of the road who got no hope because no one would pick it up. Lavi despite this is a kind individual and would do anything to help someone in the time of need and doesn’t get angry unless someone hurts someone close to him really badly. He seems to have post traumatic stress and doesn’t sleep often to avoid the bad dreams of his past though sometimes he will come to his Creator’s house and sleeps with her in order to avoid the bad dreams. Lavi is also a hard worker who will work until the job he was assigned is done not even having a break unless it’s a food or tea break.

His drunk personality however is his real personality a bit of a dirty flirt, a bit perverted and isn’t afraid to talk to people without stuttering. The kid who actually had fire in his eyes whenever you looked at him or the bit of fight inside of him whenever you insulted him and his friends, the kid that was broke by his parents.

History/Short Background:
- Okay, here comes the sick and twisted mind of Ambrosia, no seriously Lavi’s parents once they found out he was a saint locked him down in the basement for all his life, only letting him out to get food or to go to school. Even then when he went out of the basement he would wear a shock collar to school and chained to the bathroom shower to prevent him from doing anything bad. You see, Lavi always had a twitching problem, and this problem got him bullied and teased a lot when one day he snapped and went to attack the bully but he didn’t expect a electric shock to go through him because of the shock collar. After he was shocked he was kicked and abused by the bullies before a teacher finally came dispersed them. His parent’s then immediately locked him down in the basement for a week with no food claiming to the school that he had a ‘mental problem’ and had to see the doctor.

Of course this resulted in getting bullied once his classmates heard of this and decided to bully him more calling him ‘Twitches’ so he never really had any friends then when he went into middle school his little brother and sister were born. He was expecting them to get the same treatment as he did but to his surprise they were treated better than he was. He didn’t realize it but he wasn’t human like his family and they were the only ones who knew it. By the age of fifteen is when he got the scar across his chest from his father’s attempted murder, according to him it was also the day he got the bullet tattoo. Upon earlier research I found out that his father was studying witchcraft and put that tattoo on him with some black magic that makes it burn whenever he does a bad deed. See the reason he is so nice now?

More things happened to Lavi, he started stuttering and his mother started to cut him whenever he misbehaved or whenever he went close to his younger siblings, until finally they kicked him out at the age of eighteen in the middle of winter. He didn’t have much stuff, heck he was lucky he even had any clothes but he was still freezing, that was the day I suppose Lavi died. I mean literally but somehow he came to life and found himself in the Borderlands with a note by him that said ‘find the creators’ so for a year he did and then finally after his nineteenth birthday he found us and became friends with a man named Kiani and decided to get a job working for him.

Ability(s): Portal summoning, substance removal (like removing poison, acid, blood e.t.c), healing, and interdimensional removal (he can remove or something anything within that dimension.)

Weapon(s): He doesn’t have any but he has been eyeing this sword in the corner store for a while.

Vehicle(s): He uses his portals to move from place to place.

Theme Song(s): Shatter Me by Nightcore

Favorite Color(s): Black, white, dark blue, red and silver.

Usual Style of Dress: Hoodies with a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt or any tattered or ripped clothing.

Crush: He has a small crush on Kiani and trying to get rid of it, but Kiani isn’t really making it very easy...

Bf/Gf/Mate: None

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Pet(s): He doesn’t have any

Other: He has every dirty and heart breaking song on his IPod, it’s pretty amazing.

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Re: *The Modern District*

Post by Alternate on Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:15 pm

Kenya 'Morte' Ryanak, The Towns Doctor

Full Name: Kenya ‘Morte’ Ryanak

Nickname(s): Ken

Gender: Male

Age (Immortal and Human): He seems to be in his early twenties in human form, but in actuality he is around in his three hundred or so.


Other Form(s): Demon Form Just imagine the black eye being on the other side. ((Norwegian) Er jeg ikke en sexy drittsekk? -Ain't I a sexy bastard?-)

- He has a tattoo across his torso of seemingly real looking skeletal system on him but more like art real than actual real looking skeletal system. The only thing different is because for some odd reason the bones that were made are gray instead of white and the inside’s made were black. ((Irish) Iarracht tú a bheith leath demonic, a bhfuil súil amháin agus a bheith marbh ar an taobh istigh. -You try being half demonic, having one eye and being dead on the inside.-) We got it Kenya! Just quit speaking in different languages.
- Another tattoo he has is on the back of his neck of a key that seems very similar to the one around his neck but engraved on the key on his neck is 965.

Hobbie(s): Hanging out with the creator’s at random, laughing at the pairings that happen around, teasing Fukiro when he acts like a Tsundere, bandaging himself up every once in a while, being a doctor (No, really he may be a bit weird but he is a doctor…), tricking people to do what he wants, sharpening weapons, and watching random T.V shows.

Race: Undead/Demon/THING/Psychopath/Fucking Insane creature of the dark type thing. ((Russian) Я так много вещей я даже не знаю, что ебать я больше. -I am so many things I don't even know what the fuck I am anymore.-)

Strength(s): I don’t even know, he never tells me anything about himself. When he spoke in English he said “If I told you my strengths then it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?”

Weakness: Unknown as well.

Allergies: N/A

Hair Color: Black or Red depends on when you see him.

Eye Color: Black with a mix of red within it.

Mortal or Immortal: Immortal

Sibling(s): None

Friend(s): The Creators, Fukiro and Google.

Parents: Dead, or not? I mean their living… But dead. That type of thing you hear about.

Likes: Kenya! Why don’t you do this one? ((Italian) Certamente amo la gente urlare dal dolore come sono brutalmente assassinati, quindi suppongo che mi piacciono i film horror? - I certainly do love people screaming in pain as they are brutally murdered, so I suppose I like horror movies?- ) How charming of you *Sarcasm* and in the language of love too! (*smirks charmingly* (Italian) Nessuno ha detto che dovevo essere affascinante. -No one said I had to be charming.-), Kenya also like to practice witchcraft, he likes anything involving horror, people thinking he’s a sadist, confusing people by talking in different languages, hanging out with his Creator, taking walks outside and swinging stuff around.

Dislikes: The light, people who criticize him for being dead, zombie fanatics ((Romania) Fanatici nenorocit de zombie, chiar dacă eu nu pot muri, nu înseamnă că au dreptul de a lua de pe cap. -Fucking zombie fanatics even though I can't die doesn't mean they have the right to take off my head.-), hahaha… Well he also hates it when people get a bit… ‘Unnerved’ about his possessiveness.

- You expect me to be able to describe this psycho?  Okay, Kenya is the type of person who would possess people I mean like will cling and protect them without anything in return. This makes people not really like him in a way so he loses a lot of friends but he is rather nice and a bit sarcastic when it comes straight down to it. If you haven’t read the comments translation he has been saying I’m surprised you haven’t figured out his personality yet. He rarely speaks in english unless someone demands him to talk in English and seems to only speak in different languages when he is making a rude or perverted comment before laughing at people’s confused looks. He also seems to have a twisted sense of humor that some people may mistake as sadistic but no he just get’s amused easily. Kenya also seems to be slightly crazy, but not in a killer way more like in a delusional type of way you know? Hearing voices, talking to himself, laughing at nothing, seeing things that aren’t there and just a whole lot of craziness that would make you giggle.

History/Short Background:
- I’m not going into too much detail into this but let’s just say he is possessiveness he will kill anyone that proves as a love challenge to the person he has a crush on. I mean really he had two lovers in the past, one boy and one girl and he ended up driving them away once they found out that he killed one of their love interests while they were in love with him they ran away and moved to another… Town? Possibly? *Laughs* I’m certain he didn’t kill them since no matter how possessive he is he would never physically harm his lover no matter the circumstances. I won’t go in too much detail besides the fact he was abandoned in a alley way as a child and that he raised himself.

Ability(s): Shadow Control, can’t actually ‘die’ so that type of immortal, any type of magic and rhune making.

Weapon(s): He decided to be original… Instead of like everyone else so he decided “why the fuck not?” and chose the scissors you see in his picture.

Vehicle(s): He walk’s everywhere really. It’s amusing.

Theme Song(s): Nightmare by Set it Off

Favorite Color(s): Red and Silver

Usual Style of Dress: A hoodie, bandages, stitched up clothing and iron toed boots.

Crush: Hehehehe.

Bf/Gf/Mate: *Giggles widely* (*Grins before chuckling darkly saying something perverted in Irish*)

Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Pet(s): N/A

Other: He has bandages around his hands, torso, and neck. He has stitching around his wrists, neck and ankles.

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Re: *The Modern District*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:22 pm

Rowan Shadowbreaker, The Poisonous master of Blood, Fire and Shadow

Full Name: Rowan Shadowbreaker
Nickname(s): The Second Shadowmancer
Gender: Male
Age (Immortal and Human): He looks like he's supposed to be in his early 20's
Other Form(s): No one really knows if he has another form, although people who look through any magical spectrum can see the toxic green shadowy wings stretching from his back.
Tattoo(s): He has Roman Numerals burnt into the back of his neck, Literally, burnt.
Hobbie(s): He likes to work on making poisons for a living, sometimes he leaves to go visit his mother and father, and most of the time he's just ordering new weapons from the blacksmith and testing them... on what though? Who know.
Race: The product of a Demi-Demon and a Human Shadowmancing Assassin.
Strength(s): The fact that he's indeed and infact the product of a Demi-Demon whom had the abilities to bend fire and blood, and a Shadowmancing assassin whom had the speed and strength of a cheetah and a lycan, his knowledge of varying poisons passed down from his father.
Weakness: Who ever he falls in love with.
Allergie(s): He gets a little bit weaker when ever people throw holy water at him, but that's really about it.
Hair Color: Black with sun-bleached spots and a blood red undertone
Eye Color: His left eye is an Oceanic Blue and the right is a Hell-Fire Orange
Mortal or Immortal: Half Immortal
Sibling(s): As of this moment he doesn't have any siblings.
Friend(s): Lucian, Kiani, Raika, Miazi, Demetrius & Dean
Parents: Lady Velystira McKinelly-Shadowbreaker & Scytharis Shadowbreaker
Likes: He prefers to spend his time working on new leathal poisons and testing them out, sometimes he goes on missions and assignments given to him by Miazi which he, in turn, tests out his new poisons and such.
Dislikes:  People threatening to corrupt his parents and make them kill one another, the thought of witnessing their death head on, the thought that he'll become over protective of who ever he falls in love with like his father did with his mother.
Personality: Rowan's a bit of a demented ass hole. Like his father, he doesn't mind threatening anyone who pushes his buttons out in the open, he carries around that many weapons for a reason you know. On the other side of the spectrum though, Rowan happens to have a soft spot, which he tends to keep under lock and key so he doesn't show any remorse on a mission or something alone those lines.
History/Short Background: Rowan was born into a pretty decent life. He grew up with his mother teaching him how to harness his ablities and use them for.. well... fighting purposes instead of just letting his anger get the better of him. His father spent his time, when not on business for his Collective, teaching young Rowan how to create lethal poisons in which he could then use upon his enemies in combat.
He now lives on his own excersising and training, keeping his mind and body sharp and ready for any of the missions Miazi sends him on.
Ability(s): He can bend Blood & Fire, call the Shadows to him at his own will, and he has an extensive knowledge of deadly herbs which can be combined to make leathal poisons.
Weapon(s): On his person, Rowan carries with him:
-A set of three kunai knives, tied along his left thigh
-A pistol, holstered to his lower back reigon
-An Axe and a Sword, Sheathed at his right hip and on his back.
-Several vials of his fathers poison, Petrinide, which he perfected and edited
Vehicle(s): He usually goes by Shadow-Travel, but he can also change his mind and drive his Ferrari 458.
Theme Song(s): Come Little Children
Favorite Color(s): He prefers dark colors, Reds, Blacks, Blues, & Grays mostly.
Usual Style of Dress:
Crush: None as of yet.
Bf/Gf/Mate: N/A.
Orientation: Straight
Pet(s): N/A.
Other: If people want to know about Petrinide, Scytharis' poison, they're going to have to inform Highlord Darien that she needs to write down what it does here. Very Happy
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Re: *The Modern District*

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