*The Creator's / Power's at Be District*

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*The Creator's / Power's at Be District*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:36 am

Lord Darien Marcelle Cutcliffe, The Chaotically Neutral

Full Name: Darien Marcelle Cutcliffe
Nickname(s): Dario, Monkey, Sis & High Lord.
Gender: I know my title says Lord, but I'm a female. See? *grabs tits and jiggles them* Heh.. Watermelon Gazoingas.
Age (Immortal and Human): I'm 16 years old.. if I counted my nonexistent birthday cake right..
Other Form(s): Uhm....... >.>' I'll just describe these.
Crimson Form: Standing at approximately 6 feet tall. This form has onyx scales for skin, and sunken back, crimson orbs for eyes. Usually wearing a thick suit of armor. Moonlight Silver hair and just barely white wings with red magic runes burnt into them. Sharp fangs.
Vampire Form: Pale, nearly translucent skin with black hair and ruby eyes. Ruby Red lips and sharpened fangs, thick claws, usually dressed in human clothes.
Shape Shifter Form: Depending on the animal. Usually a 6 foot tall black wolf with purple stripes and two chain tails. Occasionally a large demonic black bear with a rainbow belly.
Demon Form: Roughly 7 feet tall, covered in red and black scales. Sharp, curving horns atop the head and chain tails. Thick, dangerous looking claws and fangs. Black eyes with red, snake-like pupils.
Tattoo(s): Granted, I'm a god, basically I'll just list all my awesome tattoos I [Want] to get, but have on my Rp Form ;3.
1: Lyric's from the song 'I don't want to be here any more' by Rise Against on both forearms/wrists.
2: Pentagrams on the back of both hands
3: Dying Cherry Blossom Tree on Back with Ambrosia, Anthony & Moms initials etched into the bark.
4: Crimson Insignia with Japanese Kanji for Family on shoulder.
5: Armor plating on Other Shoulder going down to elbow.
6: Two Roses, [Black and Red] Twisted together on left hip with words "This rose still has it's thorns, sweetie" underneath.
7: Crimson Symbol on the Armor Plating.
8: Celtic Eternity Knot on Right hip with the words "Two Halves, torn apart are broken, but bound together make a whole" underneath.
9: Barbed wire on Ankle with words "Diamonds aren't always a Girls best friend" over top.
Hobbie(s): Playing Luna [My sexy bass guitar], Gaming Out, Being a Darien.
Race: Uhh... Crimson/Vampire/Shapeshifter/Demon?
Strength(s): .... *points up one row and looks deep into your soul with eyes of pure chaos*
Weakness: Uhh... Ambrosia being upset.. *pouts*
Allergie(s): Coedine.. ;-; *flips off the world*
Hair Color: At the moment it's black. *smiles proudly*.
Eye Color: Naturally brown with swirls of my Different Form Colors. <3
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal, I think.. SISSSSSSSSSSS.... AM I IMMORTAL? *hears agreement and facepalm and then beams* Yep.
Sibling(s): Ambrosia & Heather <3
Friend(s): Uhh... Brosia, Heather, Zerro
Parents: My lovely momma <3
Likes: Chocolate, Dr Pepper, Spinach Dip, Country Music, Bowties, and Food.
Dislikes: My Sperm Donor, being sick, Rage Quitting at video games, Braces.. >C
Personality: Very Cuddly Teddybear Like, unless you make me rage. Very Happy
History/Short Background: NO.
Ability(s): Shape Shifting, Blood Bending, Illusion Forming, Metal Bending, Portal Forming, Shadow Summoning.
Weapon(s):... Have you seen my armory? Very Happy *grins mischeviously*
Vehicle(s): Motorcycle. *nods*
Theme Song(s): Bad Behavior - Jedward, It's Just What We Do - Florida Georgia Line, Fort Minor - Tools of the Trade, Hardwell - Spaceman
Favorite Color(s): Red, Black... Blood... Mm.. Blood..
Usual Style of Dress: The shirts and pants mix and match.
Crush: ... Adam.
Bf/Gf/Mate: >.>' Did I not make myself clear? BITCHES! *pulls out chain saw and roars*
Orientation: Pansexual [Idgaf what you are, you're hot to me.]
Pet(s): Stupid Cat, Jordan.

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Re: *The Creator's / Power's at Be District*

Post by Alternate on Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:24 pm

Ambrosia Lyn Jacobsmeier, The Intended Peace Keeper

Full Name: Ambrosia Lyn Jacobsmeier
Nickname(s): Brosia, Amber, Honey, Creator, Ambrosia Lyn Burger, Pumpkin Angel, Sis... Do you really need me to list all of them?
Gender: Female, because last time I checked I had tits and a nice ass.
Age (Immortal and Human): I'm 15... I'm about to become 16 though!
I'm not as sexy as my older sister but Fuck you all anyway.
Other Form(s): Do I really...? Dammit.
Fallen Saint: Let's just say this is more of my 'I-don't-want-to-fucking-deal-with-you-asshole' form. I have golden eyes, my teeth and nails turn as sharp as a knife and I have a temper of hell itself. Did I forget to mention that with each rise of my temper my hair turns white? Yeah, when it turns completely white you better fucking run asshole.
Vaelcain: Eh, eyes turn into a bloody red and I have some small fangs with two intertwined chain tails that I love to use to swing on for shits and giggles.
Tattoo(s): Blackthorn tattoo's wrapping around my wrists to my fore arms with initials of people close to me hanging off them and some of my favorite things. This is leading up to a red rose on my left hand and a purple spade on my right, with a black 'A' in the middle.
Hobbie(s): Drawing, writing, singing, listening to music, keeping a little bit of order in town, threatening people, hanging with my sister, playing video games, torturing and extracting punishment, reading and doing some cross word puzzles.
Race: Fallen Saint, Vaelcain, Spider Blood and Partly a Demon.
Strength(s): Seeing my own blood (Makes me pissed off and yeah.), my sister, handling knives, my tails and sugar.
Weakness: Pain, hurting people I care about, loud noises, swimming, rage quitting, and- Wait... My sister said me being upset is a weakness? Dammit... I suppose when my sister is hurt... Though I would go bat shit crazy afterwards, and hurt the person who hurt her.
Allergie(s): ... Cats? I dunno it's a bit confusing so let's put a pin on that and check it out later.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyes: Eh, Dark Brown but I suppose it looks like green.
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal... *Hears Darien ask me this question and facepalms* Mother... Immortal. -.-'
Sibling(s): Darien and Heather. Oh, and my annoying sister Stefoni... Ugh.
Friend(s): Any one who can deal with mine and my sisters stupid asses.
Parents: My mum, my dad and my Step-dad. I have a screwed up family.
Likes: Sweets... *Sends my sister a glare letting her know I know she said classy shirtless*, cooking, beating people at games, the rain, cloudy days, and juice.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, being told I can't do anything, feeling worthless, the sunlight and... CLASSY. >.>
Personality: Split Personalities, you try to figure it out.
History/Background: This is a profile, not a stalker fest now fuck off.
Ability(s): Teleporting to places, Floating, Some Magic, Illusion Forming, and Portal Forming.
Weapon(s): I steal many from my sisters armory so excuse me...
Vehicle(s): Walking, unless my sister or someone else offers me a ride. THAT I KNOW!
Theme Song(s): Don't Stop the Music by Rhianna, I don't wanna die by Hollywood Undead and Clean Freak by Jubyphonic.
Favorite Colors: Pastels, Red, Black, White and Gray.
Usual Style of Dress: Look up stare at it then scroll down to read this; But with jeans.
Crush: *Flips viewers off*
Bf/Gf/Mate: ... Do I really need to flip people off again?
Orientation: Asexual... And proud of my single streak.
Pet(s): Stella, my Neopolotin mastiff.
Other: I'm a Neutral... I guess somewhat chaotic when you get down to it. >D

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Re: *The Creator's / Power's at Be District*

Post by Alternate on Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:53 pm

Fukiro Letum, The Supervisor of the Creators and Powers at Be

Full Name: Fukiro Letum (Death)

Nickname(s): Kiro and Supervisor

Gender: Male, at least I hope so.

Age (Immortal and Human): He seems to be in his twenties or so, but actual age is not known.


Other Form(s): Fukiro has three separate forms his Shadow Being form, his Lycan form and his Spirit form.
- His shadow form is exactly what it seems, he can blend in with the shadows and funny enough it is also his main form to torture people in. His skin is a dark gray, his eyes seem to be two empty sockets and he is a bit more demented with his sharp claws on his hands. He usually wears dark clothing in this form and doesn’t fight much but is fairly stealthy, once he enters the shadows you might as well say good bye to him. Despite all this darkness he seems to have reddish black hair, and is possibly to see in the shadows but fairly difficult.

- His Lycan Form is a bit different than what you would expect, he turns into a pure white wolf with black paws and seemingly black fur that makes him look like he is wearing a masquerade mask. His left ear looks torn and unlike his shadow form her has yellow slitted eyes much like his normal form, some people say that in this form he doesn’t seem like he touches the ground and is extremely fast almost like a ‘flash of white’ goes by in a split second.

- His spirit form is more simple than everything else, his skin is pale almost transparent to be exact, he has pure white eyes and his red hair is faded to where it is almost white as well. He seems more human in this form without his sharp teeth and claws but he has seemingly lonely eyes and floats everywhere mostly wearing faded blue jeans and a white long sleeve shirt and no shoes.

- Fukiro has about three tattoo’s one of them is a tattoo of wings on his back seemingly connect to a spinal cord tattoo. One wing seems torn in half and looking beat up with bandages but is a light shade of grey. His other wing is blood red and seems perfectly fine for the most part. On his left hand however he has a tattoo of a maple leaf and on the other he has a tattoo of a skull with one eye wrapped in bandages.

Hobbie(s): Reading magic and ritual books, Visiting Satan or Hades, Doing work for the Creators, Sitting by the fire, ‘Hanging out’ with Leo, Going outside, Climbing and sitting in tree’s, Sitting at the port by the water (He likes to hear the ocean), Designing buildings or clothes, Torturing people, Traveling, and Cooking.

Race: Spirit, Lycan, Shadow Being and a bit Vampiric and demonai.

Strength(s): Anything really, he didn’t become a supervisor for having some strengths now did he?

Weakness: His weakness is compliment’s he can’t handle them, I mean really he blushes and get’s embarrassed.

Allergies: None.

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Orangish yellow color.

Mortal or Immortal: Immortal

Sibling(s): He considers his old back as siblings but not so much anymore after he was kicked out from protecting his mate from the pack leader.

Friend(s): The Creators, Tetris, Leo, Google and Chandelier

Parents: He doesn’t seem to like talking about them.

Likes: He likes reading, Working out at the gym, Being outside, Fire, The fact that he can’t feel pain, Drinking coffee, Listening to Kenya speak different languages, Learning, The sound of the ocean, Architecture and The smell of Salt Water.

Dislikes: He doesn’t like water much ironically enough.

- Fukiro is an odd one who seems a bit short tempered due to the things that he had to deal with in his life. He doesn’t trust others unless they are the Creators or someone who would take care of them, he is actually a bit kind when you get past the cold and rough personality. He likes to torture people being a bit of a sadist but according to Google he is also a bit of a masochist but I don’t think anyone is gonna go test that theory. Fukiro is also a tsundere not liking to show his true emotions and instead acts cold and rough but is actually sweet on the inside. He is serious and doesn’t like it when there is too much trouble within the house or town. But don’t forget he’s a sadist, no really don’t forget it even if you are a sadist yourself don’t forget it or your house will be on fire with YOU in it strapped to a bed as he listens to you screams of pain. *Shrugs* Never say I don’t warn people.

History/Short Background:
- Fukiro, as mention above was part of a pack that lived in well… Romania. Yes, he lived in Romania when he was at the age of twenty one but not in a way you may think, Fukiro actually had a fond love for architect so why not live there for a bit? Fukiro was different back then he was actually nicer and more protective of people around him not only about people he did know but also people he didn’t know. He had a mate a female but one time she messed up big time that made people almost hunt them, enraged his pack leader went to attack his mate but Fukiro intercepted to protect his mate. After a few hours of fighting Fukiro lost but due to proving his point to not touch his mate to the Alpha.

Unfortunately, despite this Fukiro was kicked out of the pack but unfortunately his mate decided to stay with the pack. Fukiro didn’t put against her, he knew she was weak and prefered to stay with a safer group than with him so he left her but not before biting his alpha in warning to not harm his mate or he will come back and kill him himself. Fukiro then started to learn and soon became able to turn human in which he went and started to learn how to become a blacksmith how to make weapons and armor. Several years later Fukiro slowly forgot about his mate considering he wasn’t around as much and he never saw her but one day he got a letter saying that his mate was with someone else. This is when Fukiro started to grow distant and not trusting anyone since his lovers knew mate was the same alpha that threatened to kill her.

I suppose after that Fukiro started learning new things mostly anything creative and even went out of his way to learn Romanian so he can finally go to school. It wasn’t until the accident in London with Jack the Ripper did he die, he was hung because people collected evidence that he was the killer which was planted against him. After that he woke up in his spirit form, it wasn’t until a decade later that he managed to figure out that due to him being a Shadow Being and a demonai he was able to go into normal form and change forms accordingly. Afterwards he started training himself in combat to boost up his skills and soon when it came to World War I and II he served in the military. I suppose after he got out of the military he started working as an architect to make buildings and areas.

When it came to the time of 2014 he met a girl who deemed herself as his creator which made him raise an eyebrow and pinch her cheeks in distaste and annoyance at the thought of a sixteen year old girl creating him. Afterwards he demanded that he would be the one in control but he will do what she asked with reasons. That’s how he became the Creator’s godfather and that is how the creators got a 1000 dollar pay once every month until they did stupid shit and it got bumped down to 700 dollars a month for Darien and 300 for Ambrosia.. Oops?

Ability(s): Blending into the shadows, Unable to feel pain, Fire manipulation, Blood Bonding, Magic, Shadow Manipulation, Floating, Teleporting, Emotion Sensing (To an extent it drains his energy) and Regeneration.

Weapon(s): It’s Unknown considering he mostly makes his own weapons, it’s hard to tell if he keeps them or leaves them.

Vehicle(s): Who needs a vehicle when you can teleport?

Theme Song(s): Courtesy Call by Thousand Foot Krutch

Favorite Color(s): Green and Blue

Usual Style of Dress: Collared shirts, Long sleeved shirts, and just nice clothes and everything.

Crush: None, but people seem to be bent into pairing him with Elliot.

Bf/Gf/Mate: Er… *Looks at a fuming Fukiro with a book split in half in his hand* I’ll get back to you on that, trust me.

Orientation: Eh, unknown. Maybe straight?

Pet(s): N/A

Other: He has a locket around his neck that has the his name engraved on the back and on the front is a sticker that says ‘Insert Name’ which I’m assuming he’s saving for a new mate. *Shrugs*

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Re: *The Creator's / Power's at Be District*

Post by Mayor Mac Tìre on Sat Oct 18, 2014 12:21 pm

Dean Marcel Thompson, The Chaotically Unstable

Full Name: Dean Marcel Thompson, Yes, I took my Father's last name. Go fuck yourself.
Nickname(s): Deanie Bear, Koala, Demon, I could Go on, but would it really be worth it?
Gender: Male, Obviously. You dip shit. *flicks your forehead*.
Age (Immortal and Human): In human years I'm 16, atleast that's what the nonexistent birthday candles read, and Immortally, well that's a secret, ye blimey fucks ;3
Other Form(s): Well, since I'm Darien's alter Ego, err... Male Half, I'll let y'all know what MY forms look like.
Crimson Form - Standing roughly 7' tall, this form is the just about the freakiest mother fucker ever. Translucent-vampire-like white skin and dead-lifeless black eyes. Usually dressed in a Black and Red suit-like-attire armed with a large buster-sword (See Cloud's from Final Fantasy), dusty grey-ish black hair and blood red wings with silver runes burnt into the feather and flesh along side sharpened silver-tipped fangs and claws.
Demon Form - This bitch is about the same height as the Crimson form, only much more menacing. With a build of a Steroid Induced Body Building Quarter Back playing for the WWE Series slathered in blood red scales with white accents and rune burns, along side about a foot long pair of black horns hanging from the top of it's head and two chain tails with spiked spheres at the tips, just for good measure. It has silver eyes that eat through the soul like a Banshee before death.
Shape Shifter Form - Depending on the Animal I want to shape shift into, usually either a large demonic black bear with a red tinted belly and silver eyes or a black lion with dual chain tail action.
Finally, Ze Vampire Form - This classy mother fucker is dressed in a beautiful silken suit and tie, with paper-white skin and very striking blue eyes, sharp fangs usually hanging out of the mouth and charming brown hair.  
Tattoo(s): Workin' round all the scars and goin from top down the list goes like this.
Starting at the back of my neck, I have the infinity symbol tattooed into the back of my neck, with the words "Never Forget" underneath, on my shoulders I have two large blood red wings going from the top of my shoulder-blade down to the middle of my spine, and DAYUM do they look foine. Moooving on, working around to the front I have armor plating on both shoulders reaching to about the middle of my bicep, awesome-sauce, underneath that on the rib cage I have a lovely dragon on my right side and a long quote on my left I don't care to write out, so FUCK YOU. >.>' Anywayyy, back to the arms, on my left fore-arm I have a lovely tattooed open-wound revealing the bones in my arm and the muscle and all that sexyness, and I like to show it to the squeemish people on the house to freak them the fuck out. And on my right fore-arm I have dog paws tattooed onto me to remember the people I lost. Anyway, enough with the cheesy fuckin shit, ontooo my chest-area. I have a lovely reaper tattooed onto my chest, holding its scythe up in the air to remind me of the time I won a prison match, ;3 Ask me about that later. Onto my legs, I have two dragons tattooed onto either thigh, sexy I know, and they have runes etched into their scales, moving onto my final tattoo I have a dying cherryblossom tree tattooed onto my left calf-area with the petals on the ground near my ankle.
Hobbie(s): Well, I prefer tormenting Author and Ambrosia, because they're so fun when they squeal like piggies >), Hanging out with my alternate bad-ass self, smoking cigars and just being a douche~.
Race: If you couldn't figure it out, fuck nut, I'm a Demonic Highlord <3
Strength(s): ... Really? wanna come watch me fight, sugar lumps? Wink
Weakness: Aside from my randomly triggered bouts of insanity? Nothing, really.
Allergie(s): Coedine, Makes me puffy and even more pissy than usual. Wink
Hair Color: Naturally a dark brown, almost black color.
Eye Color: Black with swirls of color from my different forms.
Mortal or Immortal: Immortal. *poker face* Y'all bitches.
Sibling(s): Ralon, Anthony, My Sister who I never knew about until now. Smile
Friend(s): Eh, that's a short list. Let's not worry about it.
Parents: Considering the fact that I absolutely hate my mother, my wonderful father Smile
Likes: Chocolate, Death, and tormenting Au ;3
Dislikes: When people try and tell me to ignore things that I can't easily ignore, People trying to boss me around, and people trying to make me calm down when I'm angry. Wink
Personality: Long story short, Darien made me to be the more Insane and Sadistic version of her, Soo, if there's ever loud thunderous slamming in the garage, or the gym? Probably me.
History/Short Background: Well, to save you the sob story, my mother abandonded me when I was born and slept around with a bunch of other people while my father tried to raise me on his own, I grew up knowing I hated my father, and to put an end to the story, Fuck you. Have a nice day.
Ability(s): Portal Opening, Blood Bending, Fire Breathing, Soul Reaping, I could go on, and on, and on. Wink
Weapon(s): Well, should I bother to show you around the Armoury? or would you just get bored. *poker face*
Vehicle(s): I ride my motor cycle 99% of the time, when it's not being broken and then repaired, that is. Smile
Theme Song(s): Manafest - Supernatural, Impossible, Renegade & Starset - My Demons.
Favorite Color(s): Black, Red, and Silver.
Usual Style of Dress: Yup.
Crush: I'm not going to bother opening my mouth about that.
Bf/Gf/Mate: Still not gonna bother.
Orientation: Pansexual.
Pet(s): Does Author Count? *bored look*.
Other: Silver Laced Cuban Cigars and a Bottle of Rum. 'Nuff Said.
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Re: *The Creator's / Power's at Be District*

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